The Campaign

A Community that is Vibrant, Growing and Prospering

The Trent Hills Wellness Campaign with its combined goal of $7 million will  generate a wealth of positive outcomes and has the potential to touch the lives of every resident in some special and very personal way.

It is essential for progressive communities to develop, provide and maintain adequate recreational resources and facilities. The Municipality of Trent Hills is aware that as our community changes and grows, so do the demands for a wider variety of recreational facilities and services that appeal to everyone in the community.

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The Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation envisions a community prospering through cooperation and partnerships, where philanthropy and volunteerism are part of daily life, and where organizations work together to address a full spectrum of community needs. In order to sustain their work for the community, the Community Foundation needs to ensure that there is a continuing pool of funds to seed, nurture and support community initiatives.

Campbellford Memorial Hospital is ready for the next level of care as a 21st century hospital in the heart of the community. The Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation is pleased to partner with the Municipality and the Community Foundation in Flourish, the Trent Hills Wellness Campaign to raise funds to acquire essential medical equipment that the Hospital needs to purchase or replace.

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Three partners, three initiatives, a $7 million campaign

Municipality of Trent Hills
Community contribution of $1 million for better recreation and leisure facilities

Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation
Community contribution of $4 million for quality diagnostic and health care close to home

Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation
Community contribution of $2 million for sustainable community development